Many years have passed since I left Room 106 and all those English and History classes which brought us together for better or worse! I have been retired thirty years --longer than I was actually at Beck.

                It was in 1945, after a few years of teaching Physical Education in my home town of Kitchener, that I joined the Beck staff. My colleagues were: Carl Chapman, Bert Bartley, Fred Langford, “Pop” Adamson, Mary Cameron, Dennis Groat, Harv Stewart, George Ramage and Tom Armstrong to mention only a few and such support staff as Evie Chaffe and Cap Rainsbury. It is hard to think of a reunion without them. It was a great staff and a great school! I was privileged to be a part of it for so long.

                In 1957-58 I was given a sabbatical leave and went to England for the year. It was an unforgettable experience which added so much to the enjoyment of teaching English and History in the years ahead.

                I am now 88, grateful to staff and students who enriched my years at Beck. The reunion should be a memorable occasion for all of us.




Contributed by Carol Lowe   Copyright Wilda Graber   July 22, 2004


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