Ron Stewart   SABCI     1962




The sun was a glowing ember

as it settled near the ground.

the dreary day was cold and dark.

no songbirds could be found.

at dusk the winds grew quiet

and all but disappeared.

then clouds drew back for us to see

heaven’s beauty bright and clear,

and there in radiant splendor

a shooting star appeared

tribute to our coach, our teacher,

our friend we once held dear.


And so we must remember Wil

as father, husband, teacher, friend,

and dare not view the life we live

as though ‘twill never end.

for often though the day be dark

morning brings the sun,

a bright new day of cozy warmth,

promising, promising joys to come.


Though Wil no longer walks with us

he’s earned his wings no doubt

started down the road again

to see what heaven’s all about

hopped up upon that Spartan stage

to our cheers and loud Hurrays!

and led us through a rousing verse

On the road to Mandalay



Ron Stewart



Copyright   Ron Stewart   30 January 2008


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