Beck cafeteria  
First hot meal served in "modernistic dining-room".  Note the milk bottles.   (London Free Press)

Nelda Heath, Luise ?,  Glena Barett, Bernice Bent, Marje Fisk, Mary Askew



1954 - 1955   Carl Chapman's 9B Boys


Ron King, Tom George, Bill Congdon, Angus Jones, Don Jazey, Harry Degraw, Ted Harrison

Bill Cox, Jamie Duncan, Wayne Harper, Rob Hunter



May 1955   Some 10A Girls

 Standing, L-R:Carol Clinger, Jackie McAvoy, Norma James, Pat Bailey, Grace McLellan

Sitting, L-R:Dorothy Vowles, Betty Rankin, Doreen Locke






1954 - 1955   9B Girls


Sharon Larmour, Daphne Milne, Beverly Pearce, Judy Myers, Barbara Marcus, Jackie Munroe, Lorna Luce

Barbara Husser, Isobel McKeown, Elizabeth Gale, ?, Sheila Murray, Frances Keen, Jeanette Weymouth

Sheila Gordon, Shirley Jones, Jane Gedge




1955 - 1956 10A Boys

Ali Abdullah, Gary Bent, Tom George, Ron King, Barry Howson

Jim Balch, John McGregor, Bill Boyce, Gilbert Mackie, Cam Dockstader, Don Dockstader

Bill Cox, Rob Hunter, Doug Anderson, David Dunscombe, Darryl Banks



May 1957   John Wood's Ensemble

L-R   Gerry Fagan, John Wood, John Mahoney, Wayne Burgess, Jim Rahn


1957   Barry Howson, Roger T. Macaulay, Tom Timbrell, Brian Laird

Gerry Witherden, Gary Boug

1957?   Carolyn Combs, Beth Ayre, Judy Switzer, ?, at front of the school
Bobby sox !!


1957   Daphne Milne, Sheila Gordon, Isobel McKeown, Ruth Robinson
At noon hours students were allowed to sit quietly in the auditorium.
Unbelievable but true.  Daphne Milne and Ruth Robinson selected an innocent male student
and poured a bottle of perfume over his head.


Awards   1957
  (London Free Press)


1957   Formal

Mary Janet Herron, Judy Myers

Peggy Munroe, Sheila Gordon, Jane Gedge, Lana Caswell, Shirley Jones, Barbara Husser, Judy Poole, Dorothy Vowles



March 1957   Beck Prom night


1957 - 1958


Maureen Byrne,  Jack Buykes, and Geraldine Wigmore attended the United Nations Seminar at U.W.O. in the summer of 1958.
They borrowed blazers from the Glee Club in order to represent Beck.


1958 - 1959   Key Club

Ted Atkinson, Peter Shwartz, Joe Cote, Jeff Darcey, Bob Hawley, Dale Connors, Dave McKenzie, Don Dalrymple, Tom George

Jim Rahn



1959   Key Club versus Teachers Basketball Game

Dale Connors, ?, John McGregor, ?, Dave McKenzie

Tim Rowat, Tom George, ?, Peter Schwartz, Don Dalrymple, Bob Hawley

Jim Rahn, Jeff Darcey


1959   Sweeping Up after the Turnabout

Judy Myers, Pat Atkinson, Rosemary Ball


1966 - 1967 Volunteens

The volunteens were teenage volunteers.  They would go to places such as
nursing homes and the Children's Psychiatric Research Institute to gain
experience as a volunteer and as preparation for those girls interested in
the nursing profession.  Feeding patients in the nursing homes was a task they
remember well....and helping to organize and participating in a dance for
the patients at the CPRI was another activity that they remember. 
Several Beck grads who became nurses got their start as a "volunteen".



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