Beck CD Information

Bonnie Spencer-Beer has agreed to make copies of the CD’s that were passed out at the 2004 reunion based on the years 1950-1970 for a nominal fee of $5.00. 

Email her HERE to order your copy. (

The music on this CD was put together for the "Beck On Call" Reunion 2004 and was made from original LP's and a tape cassettes during our high school years. Selections include favourite numbers from the Glee Club 1960,  Trio 1962,  Glee Club 1962,  Towne Criers 1963,  Spartones 1963,  Glee Club 1967,  Coral Ensemble 1967 and the Singing Auditorium at the "Last Hurrah" in 1982 when our high school closed. Memories are reawakened as you listen to or sing along with the music on this CD.

CD Cover:



Please pass this information along to other former Beckites you know so no one is left out.