Singing Auditoriums

Glee Club Reunion 2004 - Pictures, Video and Songs

"No Man Is an Island" one of Beck's favourites:
sung by the Beck Choir (video loading, be patient),
sung by the Singers Club of Cleveland


   Singing Auditorium 2003

Whether it be a desire to re-visit one's youth - or
another reason - many people wanted to revive the
Singing Auditorium - and kept saying "We should".
Sandy [Baptie] Sydorko decided to make this dream
come true for all of us dreamers.

So on April 15, 2000 it became a reality. With the
help of Stu Cunningham [who found the words for the
'old' songs and made slides] and other people who got
the word out, the evening began to take shape. Gerald
Fagan, a former student and teacher at Beck, took the
role that Carl Chapman held for so long in Beck's
musical history. With finesse, humour and enthusiasm,
he filled his shoes well. This evening was so
successful that a second Singing Auditorium was held
eighteen months later on September 21, 2001 .... and
then again eighteen months later on March 28, 2003.
Various pianists tinkling the keys for these musical
nights were: Donna [Steinback] Rahn, Martha [Martin]
Upton, Linda [Issac] Wray and at times, Gerald's wife
Marlene. Mr. Wil Rice, a much beloved former teacher
and coach at Beck, took the baton and lead us in
'Burgundy' and 'Road To Mandalay' and received a
standing ovation. It began to look like this would
happen every eighteen months - and it will again ...
at the reunion for students in the 1950-1969 era. Will
we see you there?

Wil Rice - leading the singing of "The Road To Mandalay"
He received a standing ovation.

Singing Auditorium   30 April 2010

Another nostalgic evening that my wife Sheila (not from Beck) and I enjoyed immensely.

Seeing many friends again, including Bonnie Bell and Gerry Fagan, made it even more memorable.

I hope that some young folks pick up the Spartan torch and help to carry it forward!

Thanks to the Jamieson family, Jim Cash, Fred Symons and everyone else who organized this special event.

Merv Burgard



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