School show

Beck School Crest
Detail from 1959 Beck On Call program



1951   H.M.S. Pinafore

“Marie Watson second from the right of the two "sailors" in dark uniforms down almost on our knees at the front - not sure of the girl next.  The left side is Pat Byrnes on the left and Gwen Hoggarth on the right.  We danced the sailor's hornpipe.  The leads front and centre  ( left to right) were Ted Collins, Betty Logsdon & George Staples.

 Orchestra - conductor Carl Chapman - right side back row - left to right Bob Bray, Bill Kyle, Alan Harvey, Ross Macmillan.”



1952   The Pirates of Penzance



1954   Beck on Call



1955  Beck School Show - The Mikado

Program   The Mikado




Terry Finch (Ko-Ko) and Maryann Burgard (Yum-Yum)

High jinks in the hallway.



Phyllis Aver was Pitti-Sing, Paul McCarroll was The Mikado

and Maggie Batchelor was Peep-Bo.





1956   Beck School Show - Erminie
February 7,8,9,10, photo taken at rehearsal on Feb 4

Bruce Marr, Dave Moore, Jim Kunkel, Ron King, Dave
Hutchinson, Pete McCarrol, Ken Simpson, Gus Jones, Mr.
Askew, Nick Syumon, Bill Wells, Al Moffit, Scott
Bailey, Bob Dickson, Eric Jerrard, John Barlow, Mr.
Albert Bartley, Dave Longfield.

Elaine Smith, Betty Lou Macaulay, Mary Askew,
Charlotte Smith, Katy Longfield, Bruce Pocock, John
Cossom, Norm Coulter, Donner Dewdney, Jim Rahn, Bill
Braun, George Riley, Doug Petch, Elaine Colwill,
Connie Baker, Marg Scandrett, Carolyn (Muffin) Wilson, Marlene Getty,
Jackie Brewe, Laura Silverthorn

Norma Scott, Ruth Dundass, Sheila Gordon, Joyce Dowling, Sandra Arnott, Nancy Goddard, Carolyn Dundass, Bonnie Coulter, Maryann Burgard, Irene Braun, Bill McKenzie, Shirley Gaitens, Bev Eynon,
Bettymae Pugh, Valentine Kurlech, Sharon Shute, Jean McKeown, Barb Morton, Marg Gillies, Marg Fisk,
Bernice Bent, Grace McLellan.

Brooke Rothwell, Charles Aberhart, Karen Jessop, Roger Edwards, Ron Robinson, Lois West, Marilyn Stainton,
Carol Clinger. Mr. Carl Chapman, Mr. Roger Lillie,
Donna Steinback, Joy Hubbel, Mike Bennett, Brian Reid,
John Mahoney, Dave Savage



Nick Isyumov (Simon) and Norm Coulter (Captain de Laune)

Bonnie Coulter (Marie) and Maryann Burgard (Javotte)



Donna Steinback   pianist


Jim Rahn (Ravannes), Bruce Pocock (Sargeant Andre),

Norm Coulter (Captain de Laune) and Maryann Burgard (Javotte)


Irene Braun (Cerise) and Bill Braun (Chevalier de Brabazon




1957 'Beck on Call'   (London Free Press)



1958   'Beck on Call'   'The Pirates of Penzance'
  (London Free Press)

Marg Knox, Gail Malcolm, Gerry St.John

Shirley Robertson, John Barlow, Judy Tipping

Mike Bennett, Carolyn Dundass


Back Row: Dave McKenzie, Tom George
Middle Row: Joe Cote, Shirley Taylor,
Mary Jane Falshawe, Roger Moore
Front Row: Marion Burgin, Lois Lessin, ?

Norm Coulter = Pirate King

Brian Reid = Major General

1958   'Beck on Call'   (London Free Press)


1959   Beck On Call program   February 4, 5, 6


1960   Beck On Call

"Bagpipes & Drums"
Paul Thompson, Tim Rowat, Ian Richmond, Scott Bailey

1960   Beck On Call

"Yorkshire Recitation"
Colin Thistlethwaite

1960   Beck On Call

Glee Club members waiting their turn:  L to R
Brian Vance, Lloyd Smith, Peter Schwartz, Bob Hawley,
Shirley Robertson, Ron Jorgenson, Sandy West,
Tim Rowat, Lee Steele, Mike Sharrett, Marion Grindal



1962   Scene from "Charley's Aunt"
Borys Koba,  Rick Facey,  Joe Addison,  Gayle Sinclair

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