BECK Alumni  "Roll Call"

The "Roll Call" form requests Beck Alumni (Students & Staff of the former "Sir Adam Beck Collegiate" - London Ont. Canada) to identify, or update, their current "Contact Information".

All information is held in the strictest confidence and is only used for contacting you for "Beck related events" (Reunion, Singing Auditorium, etc.). 

                                    OPEN THE FORM HERE.

     Please input all applicable lines - especially a primary email address if possible (email is our normal mode of contact).
NOTE - we keep a separate record for “each” alumni.  When 2 alumni (spouses, etc.) share the same address we record it for both.

     For emails it is best if:

Thank you for joining our Alumni database.  All information will remain confidential.

Beck Reunion Committee.
Revised: 2018-05-17