Beck's Last Hurrah   1982

Happy times at the 1982 reunion. A special effort will be made to help people meet up and get together in 2004.

Donna Clarke, Ele Velba, Bev Lawson, Scott Bailey,
Margo Smith [her parents owned 'The Cow'], Bonnie
Spencer-Beer, Carol Wright/Williamson, Marianne

?, Gayle Norris/Hern, Dave Hern, Angus Jones, Jim Rahn

Al Kish, Mr. Paul Cropp, Hal Ridley, Phil Arnold, Don Black

Mr. Bill Dunlop, Mike Sharrett, Mrs. Dunlop, Brian
Kerman, Marion Grindell/Zavitsky, Miss. Wilda Graber,
Sue Ball

Bonnie Spencer-Beer, Mr. Dennis Groat, Don Dalrymple,
Sylvia Burston, Joy Hubbell/Mitchell, Pat Atkinson,
Barb Husser/Dalrymple

Anne Semple/Garrett, Mr. Fred Hickman, Mrs. Hickman.
Barb Morton/Baillie, Miss. Bonnie Bell, Bonnie
Spencer-Beer,Joy Hubble/Mitchell, Norm Irwin, Dorothy
Vowles/Irwin, Allan Garrett [child belongs to Anne and
Allan Garrett]

Joan McLachlin/Wolfe, Bonnie Spencer-Beer, Bob
Snelgrove, Steven Hook, Carol Tanner/Snelgrove, John
Fitzpatrick, Bob Grand, Jack Roberts, Bevon McNeil

John's wife, John Wood, Jackie Brew, Barry Howson,
Laura Silverthorne/Smith FRONT: Merne Fullager, Barb
Husser/Dalrymple, Gerry Witherden

Bonnie Spencer-Beer, Dick Earthy, Jane Hammacher, Joe
Cote, Susan Clarke/Hawkins, Dave McKenxie, Betty
Harkness/McKenzie FRONT: Peter Schwartx, Rich Hawkins

Mrs. Langford, Mr. Fred Langford, Mrs. Cropp, Miss.
Dorothy Bere, Bonnie Spencer-Beer, Joan
McLachlin/Wolfe, Peter Schwartz, Miss. Wilda Graber
[children are Peter's]

Mary Jane McDonald/Lapthorne, Bonnie Spencer-Beer,
Lorainne Sampbell/Favalaro, Dave Lapthorne, Emilie
Novak/Newell, Mr. Roger Macaulay, Mrs. Macaulay

Mr. Dennis Groat and wife

Mrs. Langford, Sheila Murray/Timbrell, Tom Timbrell,
Marg Knox/Madill & husband

Larry "Woody" Woodhouse

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