Strathcona Shield   (detail from 1957 Cadet Corps)


   2414 Sir Adam Beck Collegiate Cadet Corps

Cadet Lt. Colin Thistlewaite is standing next to Cadet
Captain Richard Earthy.  Our corps won the Strathcona Shield for the highest
proficiency among high school corps in Western Ontario (1957-58) which was
quite an honour as all high schools had cadets.  At that time, participation
in cadets was compulsory for all Grade 10 boys so there were about 200
cadets in the Beck Corps.  The officers, except for Cadet Major Shaftoe,
were all in Grade 11.  Richard was in Grade 12 at the time.

Our corps was affiliated with the First Hussars Regiment, an armored
regiment with many battle honours from World War II.

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