Band and Orchestra

(detail from 1954 band photo)

1954   School band
With cadets?  Behind school?  Can you name the band members?

Be Kind to Your Webfooted Friends

Be kind to your web-footed friends
For a duck may somebody's mother
Be kind to the denizens of the swamp
For they are dillies through and through
...   ...   ...

Now you may think that this is the end
Well it is.

                                                   (arrangement   Roger Lillie and the Beck band)

Nov 1954   Beck Musical Variety Program


1956   Beck Jr. School Band

?, ?, Scott Bailey, Paul Thompson, Roger Lillie

Sandra Lamperd, ?, ?, ?, ?,  Harold Degraw, Don Jazey, ?, ?,

?, ?, Jack Buykes ?, ?, ?, ?



1959?   Elizabeth Downie, Bonnie Spencer, Paul Thompson, Tim

Four members of the Sir Adam Beck Collegiate Band pick
up some pointers on percussion from the assistant

The versatile band of the Royal Canadian Regiment
sparkled at its musical best today at Beck Collegiate. It was the middle point in a series of music
apprecation concerts for London high school students. Designed for many tastes, the concerts included light classics, folk tunes, novelties, popular pieces and martial airs and the march. The concerts were arranged by Earle Terry, director
of music for London schools.   (London Free Press)

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