1950's - 1960's Beck School Letter

1946 Beck Senior Football team - semi-finalists

Defeated Kitchener-Waterloo in WOSSA semi finals

Photo London Free Press Nov 15, 1946

1946 Beck Senior Football Team - WOSSA Champions

Defeated Windsor Patterson High School
Patterson team included Bobby Simpson - later remembered as an Ottawa Rough Rider

3rd Row: 
Fred Bollman; "Red" Pearson; John Rogers; Alan Sharp; John Riggin; Henry Ayers (manager); Jack Wyatt; Stan Strickland; Louis Jensen; Dick Northey.
2nd Row: 
Dunc Hoople (coach); Grant Stewart; Dan Yake; Ed Witherden; Ron Windling; Bob Knox; Murray Mason; Jim McArthur; Charlie Whitelaw; George Clemons; Mr Johnson (principal).
Front Row: 
Dave Wiley; Don Porter; Keith Flanagan; Hugh Wood; Jack Thompson; Don Mantz; Eddie Jack; Bill Gammon.
Down Front: 
Bill McCoy; George Staples; (The Cup); Bob Cooper.


1949   Football team   City Champs

back row:  Reg Hazel,  Bill Roseboom,  Bob Goddard,  John Cook,  Vern Hutton,  Bill Mungar,  John Forbes,  Ron Read,  Bob Fox,  Bill King

middle row:  Terry Ferris,  Don Getty,  Charles Cunningham,  Ted Collins.  Bruce Boa,  Don McIvor,  Roy Wannamaker,  Paul Pinkerton,  Marsh Morris

front row:  Burk Fowler,  Ken Parkinson,  Lloyd Wells,  Bob Cooper,  Dave Wiley,  Don Goddard,  Ron Gunning,  John Nixon



1949 - 1950   Beck Hockey team   Marsh Morris coach

? Kirby(?),  Reg Hazel,  Ron Gunning,  Bill King,  ?

Marsh Morris,  Paul Pinkerton,  ? Kirby(?),  ?,  ?

Ken Parkinson, Charles Cunningham,  John Forbes,  Ted Collins,  ?


1951   Junior Football Trophy

1951   Junior Football Champs

1952   Soccer

3rd Row:
Ray Hunt, Phil Pink, Naif Shaheen, [ ? ], [ ? ], [ ?
], [ ? ], [ ? ].

2nd Row:
Albert Bartley (Coach), [ ? ], [ ? ], [ ? ], Henry
Gale, Bill Kyle, Bob Strain.

1st Row:
Wally Assaf, John Wood, [ ? ], [ ? ], Denys Jones,
Orville Parkes.

1952   Junior Football   (London Free Press)




Early 1950's   Beck Track Team


Terry Ferris, ?, Ron Reed, Don Getty, Ted Collins, Bill Mungar, John Cook, Bill Hobbs, Naif Shaheen, Marsh Morris

?, Bob Strain, Jim Scafe, Danny White, Irving Shanfeld, Dunc Fidler, Bob Ginsberg, Lloyd Wells



1952-1953   Senior Basketball Game

1952-1953   Senior Basketball Team

1953   Junior Football   (London Free Press)


Gerry Witherden, Roger Macaulay, Jim Smith
Ross Buckle, Gary Boug, John Orr

1954?   Basketball Players with Roger Macaulay

Spring 1956   Girl's gymnastics display on field behind Beck
Female student - I attended Lady Beck Public School, and some
years we would look out the windows and watch this
wonderful display. I always looked forward to
attending Sir Adam Beck and being a part of this.
However, it was canceled when I was in Grade
9 and my dream was lost.

1956 Senior Football
Tom Timbrell (captain) and Wil Rice (coach) receive the Alex Auchterlonie
Memorial Trophy from Bill Traut.

1956 Senior football team and cheerleaders
London and district champions

Starting with back row..

Bill McKenzie..  Don Jazey..  Bob Quinton..  Larry Fazakas..  Norm Coulter..  Jerry Thompson..  Dick Hallam..  Carl Mills..  Donner Dewdney  Bill Woolford
Gord Coulter  Gord Leach..   Gerry Land..   Dick Prue..  Bob Webster..  Brian Laird..  John McNaughton..  Barry Howson..  Howard Russell..  ??
Wil Rice..  Gerry Witherden..  Mike Favalaro..  Tom Timbrell..  Gary Boug..  Al Moffitt..  Murray  Coulter..  Norm Bestard
Carol Wright   Ruth Zubick  Pat Bailey   Carol Timbrell   Joyce Dowling

1957 Basketball.   Game against South Collegiate...
Gary Boug (15) watches as Tom Timbrell (11) wrestles for control of the ball.

1957 Basketball   OFSSA   Ontario Champions

Back Row..
Roger Macaulay, Jack Wistow, Ken Earthy, Wayne Schmitz, Dave McLeod, John
McNaughton, Larry Fazakas, Mr. Ramage, Mr.Armstrong

Front Row..
Bill Woloshyn, Barry Howson, Tom Timbrell,  Brian Laird, Gary Boug, Gerry
Witherden, Walt Turek

1959   Cheerleaders
BACK ROW: Louise Perry, Noreen Nutkins, Bonnie Spencer

FRONT ROW: Geraldine Wigmore, Robin [Durham] Gorman

1959 Basketball Barry Howson taking a shot.

Beck Crowd - was taken at a basketball game at Beck.
Cheerleaders in front are:
Robin Durham, Bonnie Spencer, Louise Perry, Ruth
Zubick, Marlene Harkness

1960   Senior Cheerleaders
BACK ROW:  Bonnie Spencer-Beer, Anne [Semple] Garrett, Kathy Wilson

FRONT ROW: Norma Brock, Joan [McLachlin] Wolfe

1961 Senior football team and cheerleaders
London and district champions


!965 Beck Collegiate Wrestling Team - Wossa Champions

?, ?, ?, Wally Ebare, Sam Circelli, coach Mike Sharrett, Laurie Taylor ?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ?, Jim Gelleta


1965 - 1966 Senior Girls Basketball Team



Football crests from the winning years of 1966 and 1967
Keith Kindree and Bill Dunlop with the trophy.  Note that it was a little beat by the time it got to the photo shoot

1967 Senior football team
London and district champions

Front L-R
Bill Lewis, Ed Lipski, Ed Halley, Larry McArthur, Gord Bagley (co-captain), Wayne Thornton (co-captain) John Ciriello, Brian Woodley, John Giokas, Jeff Bradford
Middle L-R
Coach Bill Dunlop, Coach Stewart, Bill Shadwick, Graham Hayhoe, Alan Phillips, Dave Vowles , Julian Bialkowski, Pete Smolders, Jim Lapthorne, Jim Barr, Carl Chapman
Back L-R
Rick Felshaw, George Paulionis, Wayne Stokely, Tim Morris, Paul Hart, Mike Essex, Hans Valkenier, Jim Kelly , Randy Heimpel, Stan Diavolitsis, Gary Footwinkler

Missing from this picture is Hugh Derby the place kicker


1966 - 1967 Powderpuff Football Team

March 18, 1972  - Beck's 1957 basketball team is remembered   (London Free Press)



1969-1970   "It was the first year Beck had male cheerleaders, and it was a gas. Both Sharon (my sister) & I were on the team, Sharon was the captain. I’ll give you a hint as to which ones we are: look for the two with the tanned legs!


And there’s another bonus – I had everyone autograph the back of the photo. Unfortunately I can’t quite recall which name goes with which face: Annie Barons, Nancy Wilson, Beth Ennis (I’m pretty sure she’s the splits on the left. I remember her since she could also do the splits straight down the middle [yowch!]), Jerry Nellestyn, Rick Wagner, Marilyn Walsh, Karen Sadlowski, Dale Boost, Steve Symons, Doug Douglas (or Dougas), Meredith Shepard, Ken Savage, and Daryl Leeson (I’m pretty sure he’s the one with the cheezey grin…perhaps I was giving him a leg-strangle!)"


 Jackie Moad





Beck's Last Football Game







!981   "They were all damn honest, hard working kids." "I think the leadership was fantastic."




2001   Barry Howson   (The Observer)

Barry Howson captured Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union titles 
with the University of Western Ontario before winning senior men's titles
 with five different teams (Tillsonburg, Montreal Yvon Coutu, London 5B sports,
Toronto Dow Kings, and Sarnia Drawbridge Inn London Celtics).
He also played in the 1964 Olympics, the Pan Am Games in 1967
and the World Championships in 1971.



Spartan Hall of Famers video on YouTube:


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