1959 - 1960's   Beck Collegiate    Birks Silver Medal for Grade XIII

Spring 1954   Beck report card for Grade X
Exemptions from exams were announced in the home room on the last day. This card is signed by home room teacher Denny Groat

Serious stuff.  English Composition, Chemistry, and Trigonometry.
Textbooks from Beck in the 1950's

June 1957   Beck exam result for Grade XI
Examination results were sent to parents by mail.

1958   Beck prize day   (London Free Press)

1950's   Mr. Langford's 'Grass of Parnassus'

The copyrights were 1936 London, England and 1946 Toronto, Canada.

Title page
'W. F. LANGFORD, M.A.  Sir Adam Beck Collegiate, London, Ontario'



W. F. LANGFORD, M.A.   Foreword from "Grass of Parnassas"


1959   Beck prize day   (London Free Press)


Letter from Edna Durrant


Postcard from Paul Cropp

1960's   W.F.Langford   'Realms of Gold'

1960's   W.F.Langford   'Realms of Gold'

1950's student's wooden ruler from Beck

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